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Kiwano0 ?
A Kiwano is a fruit, which is related to the Kiwi fruit. The Kiwano fruit can also be called horned melon. because the shell has little horns on it.
They taste similar to a Kiwi fruit.

Kiwano is the Lion avatar of myself that I draw for fun.
I'm not a Furry.

Why do I use a Lion as Avatar in the internet ?
Don't underrate the dangers in the internet...

I'm not ready yet to upload photos of myself in the internet like DA. Sorry.
Why I don't draw myself... I can't draw humans so I also don't want to draw myself. Because it wouldn't look like me in anyway. I always was a big fan of the Lion King as a child, so I used a Lion. (The Lion King also inspired me to draw)

What can I say I love to draw :)

I go to work and earn my money like everyone else.
I like to draw, as you might have figured mostly draw Big Cats, Smilodons, Thylacines (Marsupials) and other extinct creatures.
I got my inspiration to draw from the old disney movies, especially from the Lion King, Tarzan, Jungle Book and stuff.

Of course I also like to draw humans.
I'm still learning to draw humans, that's why you don't find so much drawings of humans in my gallery because the most I draw at home aren't worth uploading.
I also like to draw fanart :)

I'm really interested in science ^^ and I'm also a fan of science fiction :)

I hope some can give me good advices so I can improve my skills :) I really would like to learn new techniques in drawing humans and science fiction :)
And it would also be nice to make some friends here ^^

Language Level Swiss-german Expert by Miracat Stamp: German Language Expert by MafiaVamp USA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design AU EN Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design French 3 by Faeth-design

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotRead Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo"Artist's rights" stamp by ES9if you hate my art stamp by TribalTripleNDisney Stamp: Haters Gonna Hate by XxoOjunefoxOoxX
My tools:
I draw on an ipad Stamp by Kiwano0 Procreate app Stamp by Kiwano0 Photoshop CS4 Stamp by ZeKRoBzS
I would really appreciate if you would visit my groups
:iconwayfarers-comic: :iconthylacolion-club:
No Requests by SweetDuke Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke
No Gifts by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke and for artists who inspire me
No Point Commissions by SweetDuke
No Commissions by SweetDuke
Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke What is a collab ? When two or more people work on one piece of art

Trades - Open by SweetDuke
What is an Art Trade ? When you make something for someone and they make something for you in return.

My Art Trade and Collaboration Rules

:bulletgreen: Animals (Feline, Canine, Equine and more)
:bulletgreen: Dragons and Dinosaurs
:bulletgreen: Fan Art (only of animals, for example Disney or Dreamworks) If you want me to draw Fan Art, I give you a Fan Art picture too
:bulletgreen: Anthro (as long as it stay normal and decent; Normal clothes and normal poses. THE CHARACTER MUST WEAR CLOTHES only fur doesn't count)
Same rules, if you give me an Anthro to draw, I will give you an Anthro, too.
(But please, stay decent)

:bulletyellow: Humans are on hold ( I’m not a master, I need to learn)
:bulletyellow: I can make a deal, I draw a human for you and you draw a human for me. But I give you the advice to chose an animal drawing.

:bulletred: Landscapes
:bulletred: Animations (Animations are for friends only)
:bulletred:Fan Art like Justin Bieber, Twilight, High School Musical, Camp Rock, One Direction.
:bulletred:I DON ‘T draw Fan art of any Teenie-series or movies.
:bulletred: Fan Art like My little Pony (sorry)
:bulletyellow: Pokemon or Digimon is Ok, BUT if you give me a Pokemon or a Digimon to draw, I will also give you a character from a movie, TV series or game to draw for me.
:bulletred: I don't draw Fat Art
:bulletred: I don't draw Sexual art
:bulletred: I don’t draw pervert or disgusting fetishes
:bulletred: I don’t draw indecent characters ; I mean I don’t draw characters with less or indecent clothing. I don’t draw characters in a indecent pose
:bulletred: I don’t draw hate pictures against a user here on DA or a celebrity
:bulletred: I don’t draw hate pictures, which are against a race or type of human or their beliefs.
:bulletred: I don’t draw oversized bodyparts like oversized feet or other ( I don’t need to explain more)
:bulletred: No background (why ? because I’m horrible in drawing it)
:bulletred: I don't accept traces as an Art Trade.
:bulletred: I don’t accept scribbles or fast sketches as Art Trade. If you want a scribble, then we can make scribble Art Trade (fast and sketchy pencil Artwork)
:bulletred: I don't draw romantical pictures... sorry
:bulletyellow: two people hugging is ok. And two animals who rub their heads against each other is also ok. But I don't draw kissing characters...sorry

My apologies if this sounds rude, but i need to set rules.
Don't be shy, just send me a note if you want to make an Art Trade with me. I don't bite ^^

Good Art Trade example

Fullbody: Dom, the Lion with Horns by Kiwano0 Art Trade: Vca-Kristina by Kiwano0

Headshot: Art Trade: Hiviann by Kiwano0 Art Trade: Cannidae by Kiwano0

Hey my friends and watchers

I just figured that, in the internet is someone else, who calls herself Kiwano0.

That person has an account on photobucket, where she uploads only photos. (That's what you do on Photobucket) and a youtube account (youtube account with no videos). Note: That Person is not me !

All accounts I have in the internet are linked to my DA profile. (Except my real life facebook profile)

I don't want that people start think "oh that Person from Photobucket has also the name Kiwano0... it must be the Kiwano0 from DA"
NO, that person is not me
I don't even have a Photobucket account and my youtube account is linked to my DA account.

To make things clear, here are my official accounts:
My official youtube account: Kiwano0 on youtube
My official facebook page: Kiwano0 on facebook
If I would create a new account somewhere, I would inform you.

I'm writing this just to make things clear.
I don't want to be mistaken as that person and I'm sure, that Person also doesn't want to be mistaken as me.

Please do not contact her. Since that person uploads her own Photos on that Photobucket account, she therefore created her own identity as a totally different Kiwano0 and has not offended against a rule.

Again, that Person with the Photobucket account is not me.
(If I ever upload a Photo of my real self, I will upload it here on DA)

Best Regards Kiwano
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  • Drinking: coffee

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